JLS Nationwide Services, Inc. and Trans-National Services Inc. with over fifty years of combined experience pride ourselves on our competitive rates in transportation and other logistics processes. Logistics is defined as the movement of goods from ultimate origin, all the way to destination. Competitive rates consider both "inventory in motion" and "inventory at rest" throughout your supply chain or demand chain. 

 We want our relationship to be based on providing you the finest logistics service available rather than being the bargain-basement, cut rate provider available, we frequently do have the most competitive prices available. We offer an array of 3500+ carriers who from our experience are most reliable, and your order is matched with the capabilities of our carrier portfolio to get you the closest match to your transportation needs. Competitive rates is not only a watch word of our companies, we look to reduce your total spend throughout the logistics process. Even if a particular provider may have a lower "price" for a particular function, you may bear a greater "cost" overall, due to the decreased quality, speed, accuracy, and your company's productivity as well as your customer's satisfaction.

Container  Drayage

From all ports &  rail ramp facilities in the USA. 20'  40' HC  FLAT RACKS and even over weight containers. Imports or exports ,we can accomodate  all.

Dry Van

Our drivers have the experience to move sensitive loads and keep your investment dry and out of harm's way until it reaches the right loading dock. 

Flat Bed

We provide all your flatbed equipment needs. Our drivers stay in full and constant contact, so you always know where your shipment is.

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